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Covid 19 Having a Negative Impact on Your Health?

Activation Fitness is super excited to be back helping our clients in the Glenview / Winnetka / Northbrook area improve their health and fitness! Our expansion in January 2020 is proving very helpful to maintain social distance while still having an effective workout. Studies have shown clearly that the stronger and healthier you are, the...


Comparing Strength Training to Aerobic Exercise

Many people looking to get started on a program to improve their health sometimes ask which is better – aerobics or strength training? The simple answer is both! Strength training and aerobic exercise are both important components in achieving optimal physical fitness. It is necessary to understand their differences and how they work together in...


Glenview Personal Trainer

A much greater emphasis is being placed on health and fitness. Many people would like to see a personal trainer to help them work out. However, choosing a trainer should never be a snap decision. After all, we are talking about personal health – and our health is our most important asset. If you do...


Workouts for Older Clients

It is never too late in life to begin an exercise program. In fact, staying active can keep you feeling and looking your best at any age. An active lifestyle is especially important seniors. Regular exercise can help prevent heart disease, certain cancers and diabetes.  It also offers the benefits of better balance, flexibility, endurance and...


Total Body Strength Training

Many people interested in fitness have different goals. Some want to increase their stamina, enabling them to run faster and further. Improving their level of endurance will also help in other ways. It will make everyday tasks more manageable, such as walking upstairs, and give a person more energy for work.  In addition to more...


An Outstanding Fitness Gym in Glenview

The number of Americans taking better care of  themselves grows each day. This is a very positive trend to see in our society. Millions of us now closely monitor our diets and exercise regularly. More people than ever before frequently visit their local health club or neighborhood gym. Membership to a gym is now becoming...