An Outstanding Fitness Gym in Glenview

The number of Americans taking better care of  themselves grows each day. This is a very positive trend to see in our society. Millions of us now closely monitor our diets and exercise regularly. More people than ever before frequently visit their local health club or neighborhood gym. Membership to a gym is now becoming more common as the population actively takes more of a role in their heath.

Activation Fitness in Glenview is Top of the Line

This is also true in the large metropolitan Chicago area. There are many options available to those looking for a fitness gym. If you reside or work anywhere near the Chicago suburb of Glenview, your gym of choice should be Activation Fitness. Activation Fitness is a private personal training studio that has been serving the area for a decade. Conveniently located at 1940 Lehigh Avenue, many people visit the gym on a weekly basis.

Activation Fitness is much more than a gym – they realize every person who enters their door has different goals and needs. Fitness is not a one size fits all business. The professionals in Glenview will assess your case individually and develop a program that suits you best. Since day one the goal of Activation Fitness has been to improve all their client’s muscle function and strength by utilizing the most effective techniques based on science. The trainers get to know all their clients and challenge them to reach or exceed all their fitness aims.

A client can always expect a welcoming and supportive environment. Sometimes fitness becomes more work and a bit of a chore.  The staff at Activation Fitness realizes this can happen. They will help you get through these lulls and motivate you to keep working.

Don’t wait! Contact Activation Fitness today at  (847) 730-5531. They have been helping residents of the Glenview area reach their fitness goals since opening in 2009.  Their highly professional staff is led by owner Steve Dam,  who is a Certified Personal Trainer.  Steve has nearly 25 years of experience in the fitness field and personal training. Additionally, he brings a solid background in in Athletic Training and Orthopedics. Steve and his professional staff can help you reach all your fitness goals.

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