Taking a Closer Look at Muscle Activation Techniques

Muscle Activation Technique is a new term quickly making its way throughout the exercise/personal training world. Although many athletes and casual exercisers may not be familiar with the phrase, it is a system of training that continues to gain respect and popularity. The main goal of MAT is to identify areas of imbalance in the body and then target the places in need of strengthening.

Muscle Activation Technique is still a relatively new system of uncovering imbalances in muscles. It has been around since the 1990s;  Dr. Greg Roskopf is generally credited with founding the technique. A superior reputation quickly led to its use by various professional teams including the Denver Nuggets, Denver Broncos and Utah Jazz. If elite athletes in football and basketball trust MAT for results, the general public can feel comfortable using it as well.

A MAT Evaluation Should Be Comprehensive

A comprehensive MAT evaluation takes some time; up to about two hours. As far as the cost, that depends on the person or facility doing the evaluation. Also, remember that not all trainers and gyms are up to date on the latest MAT guidelines. It is important to make sure the testing is performed by a  personal trainer who is certified in MAT.

Asymmetry and imbalance of muscles can lead to pain, injuries with longer than average recovery times, and a compromised overall physical performance. Asymmetry signals a tight muscle that prevents full range of motion. A tight muscle is really a protective mechanism – it essentially is protecting a weaker muscle nearby.

When a weak spot is strengthened the nearby muscle no longer has to be tight to protect the weakened muscular area.  Range of motion then becomes more symmetrical and any pain and discomfort should steadily decrease over time.

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