Personal Training for Disabled Individuals

There are many people who want to become fit and improve their health. For some individuals with a disability, they may be confused on how to get started. The most important thing to keep in mind is there is always an activity you can do. You just need to discover the correct one that fits in with your lifestyle and abilities. Today it is easier than ever to find a personal trainer who specializes in working with clients who have a disability.

A common question often asked is what are the best exercises and tips for training? Most trainers will stress the importance of cardio activities. Cardio does not just mean running; it is any activity that gets the heart rate elevated. This can be accomplished with exercises involving free weights, your arms, abs, legs or a combination of these. Just make sure to be consistent.

Focus on Both Strength and Cardio

There are a large number of professionals who recommend focusing half your time on strength exercises and the other half engaging in cardio. A lot of people make the mistake of concentrating on just one area. Remember that your health will improve more by doing both. Cardio helps to limit your risk of cardiovascular diseases. Strength training helps your body remain strong, helps to prevent putting on weight and increases the function of your immune system.

Also remember to follow these fundamental rules of fitness that apply to everyone, not just those with a disability:

  • Burn more fuel than you consume to lose weight.
  • To increase strength, work with higher weight amounts than you normally lift.
  • Increase endurance by engaging in activities for longer blocks of time.
  • Train more frequently, challenge yourself and always be mindful to eat a healthy diet.
  • Be consistent. Exercise is a way of life. It’s not something you pick up and put down when you’re feeling in or out of shape.

In the Chicago area, contact Activation Fitness at  (847) 730-5531 to ask about how they can help clients with disabilities attain their fitness goals. Certified Personal Trainers are always available to answer your questions. Their professional staff can advise you on what you on the best program to attain optimal results.  The team is led by owner and trainer Steve Dam.  He brings a solid background in Athletic Training and Orthopedics with his many years of experience.

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