Total Body Strength Training

Many people interested in fitness have different goals. Some want to increase their stamina, enabling them to run faster and further. Improving their level of endurance will also help in other ways. It will make everyday tasks more manageable, such as walking upstairs, and give a person more energy for work.  In addition to more stamina, a large amount of the population is very interested in increasing their overall strength.

Strength Training Classes are a Great Option

Total Body Strength Training is becoming more prevalent at gyms nationwide. If you check out the offerings at most fitness centers you will likely find strength training classes. Most of these sessions will touch upon several different types of training. Not only does this work more of the body, but the variety keeps the classes fresh. High intensity interval training is the hallmark of this kind of approach.

Classes usually meet on a regular basis. The first session may focus on agility and flexibility. Another class may work on aerobics or cardiovascular fitness, aiming to improve stamina and endurance. Finally, another block of time may be devoted to nothing but strength training, using weights, dumbbells and other fitness equipment.

Enrolling in this type of strength class ensures a well-rounded fitness routine. All the different elements of working out are experienced. Additionally, being part of a group activity can increase motivation and a feeling of being part of a team striving for a common goal.

Activation Fitness is a private personal training studio located in Glenview. Much more than a gym, they provide group and individual instruction to help attain your fitness goals. Among the classes offered are Total Body Strength Training sessions. Each of their hour sessions will address a different aspect of strength fitness. All classes are led by Certified Personal Trainers, so participants will know they are in good hands.

Contact Activation Fitness today at  (847) 730-5531 to inquire about enrolling in strength training classes. Their highly professional staff is led by owner and Certified Personal Trainer Steve Dam.  Steve has nearly 25 years of experience in the fitness field and personal training. He also brings a solid background in Athletic Training and Orthopedics. Steve and the entire staff can help motivate you to reach all your fitness goals and increase your strength.

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