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Covid 19 Having a Negative Impact on Your Health?

Activation Fitness is super excited to be back helping our clients in the Glenview / Winnetka / Northbrook area improve their health and fitness! Our expansion in January 2020 is proving very helpful to maintain social distance while still having an effective workout. Studies have shown clearly that the stronger and healthier you are, the...


Comparing Strength Training to Aerobic Exercise

Many people looking to get started on a program to improve their health sometimes ask which is better – aerobics or strength training? The simple answer is both! Strength training and aerobic exercise are both important components in achieving optimal physical fitness. It is necessary to understand their differences and how they work together in...


What to Eat Before or After Working Out

For optimum health it is imperative you fuel your body properly. This is especially important right before or after working out. If you do not eat appropriately before a workout session, you will not be able to train with maximum intensity. Think of yourself as a car with no gasoline in the tank. You will...