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Mary has participated in in the health and wellness field since 1986.

She has worked in a variety of areas as the field has expanded, with her career spanning corporate wellness, wellness management, hospital vascular labs, and group and individual training.

In every position, Mary maintains a balance of working individually with clients, either one on one or in group settings. She thoroughly enjoys helping people achieve the quality of life they desire.

“We are in an exciting time with exercise, health and wellness and the medical field becoming more intertwined every day. I enjoy keeping up with the changing industry and the latest exercises and medical advancements to help my clients navigate any issue that may arise,” shares Mary.

Mary has lived and raised two children in Glenview for the last 25+ years. She and her husband enjoy an active lifestyle of running, hiking, tennis, yoga and pride themselves on trying (almost) anything!

  • BS Exercise Science
  • IFPA Certified Personal Trainer
  • IFPA Senior Fitness Specialist
  • MAT Jumpstart

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