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A much greater emphasis is being placed on health and fitness. Many people would like to see a personal trainer to help them work out. However, choosing a trainer should never be a snap decision. After all, we are talking about personal health – and our health is our most important asset. If you do not feel up to par, your entire life will suffer.  That is why selecting the very best personal trainer is a very important decision.

A Very Experienced Staff

The Chicago metro area has many health centers. Personal trainers are not difficult to find – but choosing the right one is a different story. You need to find someone with experience, patience and is professional. In Chicago suburb of Glenview, one venue for personal trainers stands out – Activation Fitness at 1940 Lehigh Avenue.

Activation Fitness employs the very finest personal trainers in the entire area. Open for 10 years, their trainers are uniquely qualified to assess all their client’s specific needs to reach their fitness goals. A person’s health is taken very seriously, and all angles of fitness are addressed.

The center focuses on one on one training with trainers and some small group classes. To increase strength, resistance training and muscle activation techniques are emphasized. Clients with disabilities receive quality and effective advice.  People dealing with lower back pain, shoulder issues, flexibility challenges or other problems are given specific plans to reduce discomfort. The very best equipment and the latest in fitness techniques are used to ensure a positive outcome for all guests.

Give Activation Fitness a call today at  (847) 730-5531 with any questions regarding your fitness goals. The experienced and professional staff is led by owner Steve Dam,  a Certified Personal Trainer.  Steve has almost 25 years of experience in the fitness field and a solid background in in Athletic Training and  Orthopedics. All the professional Certified Trainers on staff love helping those needing guidance and motivation to overcome their physical challenges and reach their full potential.