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Headshot of JasonIt was a slow midday shift in the Summer of 2011 when I was working with a patient who happened to have a day off from work. Usually, this patient was one of the last patients of the day; a time when the clinic was super busy with patients everywhere, multiple therapists and aides moving back and forth between cases. As the manager of the clinic, the challenge was trying to control the chaos while treating multiple patients at a time. But on that day, it was nice and quiet. The patient noted how odd it was to be here when the clinic wasn’t moving at full tilt. The differences didn’t stop there.

During this particular visit, the patient and I had the time to really communicate; we explored the reasons for his symptoms, and came up with meaningful solutions to try. I was able to use a few more manual techniques I had been practicing, and got some really great results from them and much needed feedback from the patient.

We moved on to working through all of his exercises, focusing on form and technique. The whole way I was able to give more thorough explanations for what the patient was doing and why, and how all of these things are coming together to meet his Physical Therapy goals. I was able to give and receive feedback, help the patient problem solve, and the patient and I both saw meaningful and measurable improvement. In my mind, this was the perfect therapy session.

“Honestly, Jason, I feel like I really got a handle on my back pain today. This was the best PT session I’ve had yet. How can we do this every visit?” the patient asked. From that moment on, I worked on finding ways to make that session happen for every patient, every day.

With more brainstorming and conversations, it dawned on me that even the most talented physical therapists have difficulty getting great results when time and financial constraints limit what treatments can be. It became quickly clear that under the “patient volume” business models, my vision would never work. It was about time Physical Therapy got an update.

In 2012, I created Core Physical Therapy. I actively searched for ways to cut overhead. I gave this time and attention back to our patients in the form of higher quality treatments and a better value for their healthcare dollar. Patients have had nothing but phenomenal things to say about the results. Patients were impressed with the amount of time they were able to spend with their therapist, being able to fully utilize treatment time for meaningful intervention. Patients could truly become the number one priority.

As we move into our 9th year, I am happy to report that Core Physical Therapy is still growing. We are continuing to meet and exceed the expectations of our patients requiring sports and orthopedic physical therapy.  I will ensure that Core Physical Therapy will continue to find new and innovative ways to keep our patients moving. Whether it’s in the short term rehabilitation following a surgery or providing long-term orthopedic wellness plans, we will provide patients with the highest quality care possible.

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