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Steve Dam is the owner of Activation Fitness and opened the doors in 2009. With over 20 years of experience in the health and fitness industry, Steve has guided hundreds of clients to reach and exceed their fitness goals and objectives.  With a solid background in Athletic Training, Orthopedics and MAT, Steve has fully dedicated his life to helping people overcome their physical obstacles in order to live an enriched and pain free life. A dynamic coach and trainer, Steve has a strong connection with clients that make people believe in their own ability to control their health and change their lifestyle for the better.

Yes, they do. Whether for post physical therapy or for general health and well-being, the highly educated and experienced personal trainers at Activation Fitness want to help everyone safely reach their full health and fitness potential. We also specialize in Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT), a non-medical, very specific process that focuses on the assessment, improvement and maintenance of muscle contractile ability. The MAT process enables us to identify places of biomechanical compensation and to target areas of weakness and muscular imbalance. This approach not only prepares the body for exercise but allows us to progress the client appropriately and safely.

Muscle Activation Techniques TM (MAT) is a unique form of body work that identifies specific areas of imbalance in the body then targets related weakness. You will see improved strength and flexibility in the very first session. Each subsequent session will build on this progress preparing the body to effectively manage greater amounts of daily activities, stress and exercise.


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