Tey Punsalan

Hatha Yoga, NCCPT Personal Trainer, MAT Jumpstart, Resistance Training Specialist

Tey has been working with a variety of populations from 2 years old to 104.  Besides her Yoga Instructor certification, Tey also holds certifications in personal training, and in teaching yoga/meditation in Military Communities, bringing healing power to those affected by Combat-stress, PTSD, and trauma.

Class description:

A Traditional hatha yoga sequence that promotes Strength, Balance, and Inner Peace. This practice includes Classical sun salutations, standing and seated poses, inversions, and a focus on balancing and healing Breath Work.

You are encouraged to practice at a level that is appropriate for Self Care.

“Health is Wealth. Peace of Mind is Happiness. Yoga shows the way. “


Sivananda (Hatha) Yoga Certified

NCCPT Certified Personal Trainer

RTS (Resistance Training Specialist)

MAT Jumpstart Trainer (Muscle Activation Technique)