Working with physicians -
activation fitness is on a mission.

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Mission Statement:
Our mission is to continually educate and challenge ourselves to improve each client's ability to function at a their highest desirable level and to assist each client to achieve the health benefits of participating in exercise.

We strive to use training methods that are supported by science, based on proper biomechanics to maximize positive results, while minimizing inappropriate stress on joints. We consider both the benefit and the risk of an exercise for each client in order to use resistance appropriately as part of a comprehensive exercise program. Our staff is committed to the life-long process of learning and mastery in our profession.

• Top of the line, carefully selected strength and endurance equipment
• A safe & personal work out environment
• The most advanced fitness techniques & practices

Whatever your patient's goals are, the highly educated and experienced personal trainers at Activation Fitness want to help your patients safely reach their full health and fitness potential. We also specialize in Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT), a non-medical, very specific process that focuses on the assessment, improvement and maintenance of muscle contractile ability. The MAT process enables us to identify places of biomechanical compensation and to target areas of weakness and muscular imbalance. This approach not only prepares the body for exercise but allows us to progress the client appropriately and safely.

Please contact us - we would welcome the opportunity to meet with you in your office or at our facility to show you how Activation Fitness can help you help your patients.

Contact Steve Dam today to schedule your free consultation by phoning the office: (847) 730-5531 or cell: (815) 529-2220.